My Goals

Alexis Immediato
Period 1-Health

Goal setting is important for everyone. This allows a person to strive for a better life and to help achieve peculiar standards for your self. Everyone needs ambitions even if they are simple goals or problematic goals you know will be tough to achieve. This still enables you to strive better for what you want to accomplish.

Personal goals of mine include owning a decent sized Victorian style house, preferably 2 stories with hardwood dark oak floors. This may be a difficult goal to achieve for me. But if I strive on to keep this goal and if I get a decent job, I can do my best to achieve this particular goal. If I can’t achieve this certain goal, I can always settle for an elaborate and decorative house instead of a fastidious house with a Victorian style.

My educational goals include things such as graduating high school, getting my diploma and getting a masters degree in college in a field of forensic science. To achieve these goal, I must strive to do my best at all my schoolwork and to never give up on my goals. I understand it may get tough sometimes, but I need to work through it and never give up.

Nutritional goals of mine include eating healthier and watching the stuff I eat. I can achieve this goal as I can cut out bad foods such as junk food. Eating more fruit and more vegetables can also help me achieve this goal. My fitness goals include losing weight and becoming more fit.

My humanitarian goals include being more nice to people and to give some money to the children and people that need that money more than I do.

My career goal includes getting a master degree in the forensic science field and to get a job as a forensic scientist or a forensic anthropologist to help solve crimes, deaths/murders and to investigate crime scenes as well.

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