Got Sodium?

Bring sodium with you, because without it your dead.

Sodium (Na)

Common Uses

Sodium is important for you health. Sodium compounds are used in the glass, soap, paper, textile, chemical, and metal industries.   

Sodium Hydroxide is one of the most dangerous substances known in chemistry. This compound is VARY corrosive. When Sodium Hydroxide comes in contact with the body it causes many different health issues. example when in contact with skin it can cause serve burning, ulceration, and scarring. Ingestion can lead to worse and even life threatening problems. thus this would be a great weapon to bring for protection.    (compound- NaOH)

  • color- silver white
  • capable of being sharp or bent
  • easily pulled or stretched into thin wire
  • good transmission of heat or electricity
Chemical Properties
  • reacts explosively with water
  • combines with oxygen at room temp.
  • reacts violently with water
  • burns a bright golden-yellow flame

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