The Colombian Exchange

The impact the trading between the old and new world has on us today

What they traded!

Exchange between the old and new worlds!

Some of the products we have today did not originate here, and were brought here a long time ago. The massive trade that took place with the "New" and "Old" world was called the Colombian exchange. When Christopher Colombus came to what we now call America, he had many wares he traded with the natives (American Indians), that he traded with them and brought back with him.



Tomatoes are today a big part of Italian and western European food and culture, but we would never have had these if it were not for the Colombian Exchange. The natives had them plentifully, and were willing to trade them in bountiful quantities, for some useless things, as they were not educated in how to trade fairly. Pizza and spaghetti as we know it wold never have the sauce we love today, if not for the Native Americans.


Cacao is a large part of our culture not only today but also back in the 1500's. We would not have the delectable treat known as chocolate bars if it were not for the native Americans.


Corn is a crop that originated from the new world, where many of the primative cultures would grow it as a main source of food.

Sugar cane

Sugar is a huge part of our economy today, but we would not have had it in our food ad culture if the natives had not been so generous about the trading.

Whooping cough

Whooping cough is a highly contagious respiratory tract infection common in children and toddlers. The old worlders brought it over when they were not aware, as the natives immune system were not as advanced as the Europeans.