How my Family socialized me

My family socialized me in many ways. They taught me basic manners and to respect my elders. They also taught me religion and basic beliefs in society. Since Childhood they taught me everything I need to know when surviving in the world. They taught me that family is important. They also taught me how important it is to get an education.

School taught me in many different ways including giving me a basic education while also teaching me how to behave and act around my peers. These photos may not include me but they include the basic atmosphere that a school has. School has taught me how to get along with other kids and how to socially interact with them. I also learned how to develop basic relationships with others.

Social media effects people in multiple ways including forming opinions for people and shaping their beliefs.  Obviously I'm not in any of these pictures but they are showing multiple ways that people get information regarding  news and other information.  Social media is very influential now a days and really shapes how people think in America.

My friends really had a big impact on how I was socialized later in life. They socialized me by impacting how I act in everyday situations when I am not with my family. They let me be who I really am which helped me build character. They showed me different viewpoints on ideas which helped shape me.

Bill nye was a big part of my early schooling and socialized me by teaching me about science which in turn sparked my interest in the subject.

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