Polar Graph Project

Amazing Polar Graph


        For Mrs. Deister's second period Pre-Calculus class, I designed three different polar graphs to make them look like a propeller hat when put together. I experimented mathematically when I used different kinds of graphs and different numbers for each graph. For example, for the rose graph, I put in different numbers for the amount of petals and different number of petals to see how they would go along with the lemniscate and circle graph.

           While I was completing this assignment, I learned a lot about how to graph my very own designed graphs, the rose, lemniscate, and circle. Not only did I learn to graph them by hand, but I also learned how to graph them through technology on desmos. I also learned how to use tackk and will be using this site in the future. Making the correct calculations and correct numbers to use was also something that I got out of this project.

        I did not enjoy working on this project because I did not have partner. It was frustrating and stressful to do everything all by myself. When I asked people if they would like to be my partner, everyone was taken because I was not at school the day this was assigned. Also, due to many testing times and AP tests, due dates were not very clear to me and I had trouble in turning in assignments.

Amazing Polar Graph

My design is a propeller hat. This hat is from a bird's eye view. I used the circle has the top of the hat, rose as the base of the hat, and lemniscate as the propellers. The propellers are shown as if they are spinning. #PolarProject2

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