Narrative Poetry, Howards-4

Marie with long black hair like a black cat, Marie of the one who no one can realize, Marie whose crys each & every night. Is like a shadow child that hides in darkness, Runs like the wind blowing, Walks quicker than most other people,Talks quiet that no one hears her, Smells like the fresh of roses, Singing so beautiful like a flower blooming.

Marie sleeping is way of forgetting things. Hugging that she needs to feel better, Writing is sloppy like you can't read it. Because everyday is horrible that no one can see it.

Marie inside is sad that she wishes it could go away. Inside she broken into pices. Inside that kind heart she the one who crys every night. Is like nothing like the others, Kicking the soccer ball down the road, Smiles that never shows up, Crys that only happens at night.

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