Tundra-A vast arctic region.Tundras include caribou,polar bears,arctic fox,and grizzly bears.The climate is cold and windy with no rain.


Taiga-Evergreen forests.Taigas include black bears,bald eagles,bobcat,and Lynx.Taigas climate includes subarctic weather.

Temperate Deciduous Forest

Temperate Deciduous Forest-Four distinct seasons with about 30-60 inches of rain per year.Deer,raccoons,oppossoms,and porcupine all live in Temperate Deciduous Forests.

Scrub forest

Scrub Forest- Low lying inland locations.Animals that live in the scrub forest are the gopher tortoise,scrub lizard,and indigo snake.


A prairie with the natural vegetation is perennial grass.Zebras,wildebeest,and buffalo all live on the grassland.


An area with little rainfall ,so few plants and animals can survive.Ostrich,roadrunners,and lizards are all animals that can survive in the desert.

Tropical Rain Forest

Densely growing evergreen trees.Jaguars,sloths,and howler monkeys all live in the tropical rain forest.

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