The Sound of Music

By Tristan GIlespie

The hills are alive with the sound of music

The sound of music is a great movie about a girl named Maria. Who has lived in the abbey for most of her life. She was very bad and did not fallow the rules of the abbey and most of them didn't like her so the Revren mother of the abbey told her that it was god will that she should be a barren for the Vontrapp family.

The VonTrapp Family

The Vontrapp family consisted of 7 people until Maria joined the family then there was 10. Captain Vontrapp was very strict to his children and when Maria came to be the barren, she taught the children how to sing. This made George happy and and made him remember when the children used to sing with their mom. From then on they sang allot in the house and that is when George started to like Maria.


Maria Vontrapp was born January 26, 1905 in Vienna, Austria. Maria is a very nice person, but when she was younger she never listened to the reverend mother or anybody. Maria wanted to behave when she was older but she always wanted to go to the hills and sing. This made her lose track of time and so she was always late. She did not realize this made her look bad in the eyes of the reverend mother.

My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things was one of the songs that Maria sang when the kids were in Maria's room. She said when she gets scared she would sing this song. The song was listing of her favorite things, such as Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens,Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, Brown paper packages tied up with strings. This song was to make the children feel happy and not worry about the storm.


George was the father of the family who ran the house.He was a widower and single father to seven children. He was very strict and did not like fun or singing in the house.George was sad and lonely untill he met Maria. When Maria started to sing with the kids and taught them how to sing to the governess then that reminded him of when they used to sing with their mother. This made him happy.

Do, Re, Me

Do Re Me is one of the songs that Maria sang to the kids to teach them how to sing. This was a really great song that they sang. The song teaches the octaves in a musical piece. In the song the octaves Do Re Me Fa So La Ti D0 each one have a saying that applies to it. For example Do a deer a female deer, Re a drop of golden sun.

The Governess

The Governess is the woman who was going to marry Captain Vontrapp, or George. Captain Vontrapp began to have feelings a grow a fondness for Maria. That is when he decided that he liked Maria more than the governess. The governess did not like his kids and she thought they were very annoying. George also noticed that about the governess. He saw how much Maria loved and cared for his children and realized it would be a mistake to marry the governess.

The governess did not like the kids a he thought they were very annoyi

The Abbey

The abbey was a place where the women would go when they wanted to give their life to God, as survent of God. Maria Vontrapp went to the abbey after she decided that she wanted to be a survent of God. Maria did not behave or listen in the abbey and this made others dislike her and every one wanted her leave. They looked at her as a troublemaker. The abbey is a very peaceful place of worship and praise. A place where they sang songs worshiping God and lived their lives to glorify him and to be obedient. Maria was not seen as obedient in their eyes.


The Holocaust was happening during this time and they did not like it at all. Captain Vontrapp refused to work for the Nazis and one day finally ran away after they sang a beautiful song at a singing contest and won. The Holocaust was a very bad time when the Nazis attacked the Germans and tried to take over Germany and eventually wanted to take over the world. The leader of the Nazis was Hitler. He wanted to rid the world of all Jews and create a perfect bloodline of blonde hair, blue eyed people.

Grandpa/Max Detweiler

Max Detweiler was the grandpa of the Vontrapp family who was very rich and liked anybody who had money. He also really liked the baroness and she also liked him. The baroness never really liked Captain Vontrapp, and she only pretended to like him because she wanted his money. Max Detweiler was only proud of his son George because he did well and made allot of money. If George was poor and had not been so wealthy, he would have left already.

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