My Halloween Story

      My halloween story began when i  waited in front of my school.Then a tall figure stood over me.It was my step dad in an olaf costume.MRAAH HA HA! That was me laughing at his costume.He drove us home and people stared at us because they probably have never seen a snowman drive.I put on my makeup and fake blood.My mom came home and it was already raining.We got our umbrellas and went around the block for candy.I filled up half of my candy basket.Too make up the shortage of candy because of the rain we went to mexican food.It helped a lot and the food was really good.We went in with our costumes so this creepy old dude kept on staring at me when i was eating my enchilada.That was what made halloween so scary.It was because i had fake blood dripping from my mouth or it looked like i had red sauce all over my face and i looked like i ate my enchilada like a two year old.We all went home and ate ice cream for dessert.My favorite house was the one that gave me three hand fulls.That was my spooky halloween story.

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