Lakota law project

Deryke and Luis

How Are the social services taking the children away?

The social services are taking the children away due to the fact that they think the indian reservations aren’t meeting the standards of taking care of the children. They also view the people of the reservations are homeless and drunks which is a stereotype to the natives.

Where do they put the children at?

They put the children that they take away in foster homes mostly white americans in which the children grow up in. The children have stated as they grew up that they feel like they missed an important part of their culture by growing up without their parents and on the reservations.

Why wont social services listen to the indians reservations?

In some states mainly south dakota the social services receive money in how many children they have in foster care and in how many they still have. The money they receive actually increases with native american children so this is the main reason the social services take the children away since they are full of greed.

Why can't the government stop the children being taken away?

The government is the one paying the social services and reports have been stated that the people behind the social services or the ones backing it up are people who are in the government in high places. So basically it is a win-win situation for the government and social services for both of them receive money and get rich off the native american children.

One solution that they are doing is making a petition to help make the government respond and take action against the unfairness of the social services and the abductions they are doing. Another solution that they are doing is making websites that explain their problem and what they are trying to do which is increasing the awareness of this situation.

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