Alejandro Estrada
period 2
av communication

Emails and blogs

We used to use email allot in the beginning of the year because we always did are warm up and then sended it to Miss.Claytons  e-mail so she could check it and give us a grade.E-mail was a really easy.And blogs well below is an example of a blog i did its in tack u can go see it at first i didn't know how to use it but we learned how to use it.This is a really easy unit and fun you can create your blogs or stuff that has happened like news.

Digital Photography

Well on this unit you will also learn about cameras and how to use them and carrie them you will be using cameras allot in this unit and you will be taking the photos you took and putting them into your computer.And you would have like three test about cameras.This was also fun using the cameras. Below is a picture i took and u will use cameras allot aloof in the year.

Keynote Presentations file:///Users/estraale002/Desktop/av%20%20project_alejandro%20estrada.key/

There is a link to a project i did on keynotes and keynotes its easy to use I've used keynote along time even in elementary.Keynotes is a very famous thing to use and not hard I've used keynote allot and in this unit you would use it about six seven times.

Video Production file:///Users/estraale002/Desktop/%20zombie%20school%20estrada%20and%20games.mp4

Theres a link to my movie i did with a camera its called zombie school and when you finish your movie you would send it to Miss.Clayton and she would show it to the other classes she has so they could help her grade and the other kids will grade your project of how it is.

Sound Engineering

Well i remember doing this you would edit sounds like the apollo 13 u would cut parts and just get the important parts and you would also do bart you would cut pieces of it and edit his voice so he could say it different its  a really fun unit and you will use audacity for this unit


Above its an example of photoshop i did this with my name and out the Minute Maid inside of the letters because baseball describes me.And in this school year photoshop is the most you would use and its hard to use but we learned how to use it and know its easy.But if you have problems with it just pay attention when clay ton is talking


Above is a link of my business cards that i did for my store in pages you can write stories  everything. You would not use pages allot but you will use it like four times.


Well animation you would use camera so you would have to know how to use a camera.This unit was a really fun unit like a penny bounce is a project you will edit the video to make it seem that the penny is bouncing and theres allot of types of animation.

Fashion Design

Well this would be in the second semester you will do a book of types of fashion design like summer clothes etc. This unit i really didn't like because its mostly for girls  because they like clothes allot it was kinda boring but fun .

Game Design

Well this is the last thing and this was my favorite unit of the year because you will play games star and you would also be able to create your own games so other people can play and along the way you wild be doing assignments about mechanics of the games or game things like that .

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