Canada's national flag

Canada has a constitutional monarchy, Which means there is a queen(the Queen of England,Elizabeth the II )but they also have a constitution. Queen Elizabeth the II doesn't really do anything shes like a "mascot" for Canada. Instead of have a queen ruling Canada, they have a prime minister,Stephan Harper, he runs the executive branches within the legislator.

Stephan Harper,prime minister of Canada

Canada's parliament(legislature) has two bodies,the House of Commons and the Senate, together they determine Canada's laws

Canada's house of commons

A prime minister named Pierre Trudeau,had an effort to add a Charter of Rights and Freedoms to the Canadian constitution in the year 1982

80% of Canada's raw materials are exported such as:wood,fuel,minerals,aluminum,wheat ,and oil

a cargo shop

Canada also imports things from other country's such as the united states. In 1994,Mexico,Canada,and united states all signed the North American Free Trade Agreement,or NAFTA, this agreement lowered trade barriers within the 3 countries.

Canada has many transportation barriers,these barriers are geographic features in the  Earth that prevents or slows down transportation. In the north there is ice and snow blocking travel by land and/or water

transportation barriers

Canada has many transportation corridors  or paths that makes transportation easier.rivers,canals and man made water ways makes convenient travel routes.


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