Violence Just Leads to More Violence!

Kj and Kayla think that one thing lead can lead to another. For example, lets say Kj killed Chris, then Tucker killed Kj for killing Chris, then Kayla killed Tucker for killing Kj, then Colin killed Kayla for killing Tucker.

Example From the Book

An example from the book is that when the Socs were drowning Ponyboy then Johnny comes and stabs Bob in the stomach. When the Socs and Greasers have the rumble. They think the best way to settle who is better by fighting. After the one punch is thrown everyone just starts getting into it

Example from a real life event-

When someone is fighting another person, people start to notice and then they start getting into fights. For example: (random names) Chelsea and Marissa and fighting and one of Chelsea's friends see's this she starts beating up Marissa, then Marissa's friends see this happening and they start in the fight, and it is already crazy. Then the teachers have to break it up.    

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