Journal entry 1

The civil war

Hi my name is Catherine. Today I start working as a spy for the union army. My  whole family thinks slavery is totally wrong and that everyone in my family wants to put a stop to it. I live in  New York and I have 1 child who is three at this time. I also have a husband who is sergeant for the union army. I am completely nervous for the craziness that is going to come but I am mentally prepared for it. I am going to be leaving New York in a few hours.

Journal Entry 2:

Man general Bobatha is going to get us as fit as a fiddle.

Yeah no kidding im whipped after I ran that block

I agree, general bobatha made me shoot countless hornets

He better not be tight next training

Oh yess or else i don’t want to be in the top rail #1.

Let's Grab a root I am going into starvation. FOOD Bully!!!!!!!

Journal entry 3:

Dear mom,

I made it to camp in South Carolina and it is a little different than what I imagined but it is good. The camp grounds are perfect for me to practice my spying skills and just hang out. Everyday I get up at dawn put my disguise on and get breakfast. Then I report to my headquarters to see what information i'm trying to get that day. Once I get the information I need and extra information I head back to the camp and report the information to my Boss. Then I have my free time where I normally play cards , write, paint.... etc. We do have punishment but it  is basically humiliation for the solider. The punishment is we have to write on a board what we are in trouble for and walk around the camp with that for the entire day . The second type of punishment is that you get screamed at sooo loudly and then if you did something really bad you get whipped.

Your message...

the photo promt of color.
Photo prompt of fun during the civil war.

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photo prompt of morning

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Journal entry 4:

Me: So Jeremiah after you got shot in the leg did you think you could walk again?

Jeremiah: Yes I thought that I wouldn't be able to walk again but I gathered enough strength and courage that I can walk again. 

Me: What a great answer Jeremiah. One more question is how did you feel when your brother went to fight.

Jeremiah: I felt lost at first because my brother left my alone with my ill mother and me with little information about how to run the household.

Me: Very well Jeremiah well thank you for your time.

Journal Entry 5:

Life here at camp is good. In my free time I either like to play cards, relax, hang out with some other spies and stuff like that. My favorite meal  at camp would have to be baked bean if time was taken to cook them. All you needed were beans and then you would cook them in a crock pot.

Journal Entry 6:

We are marching

Marching to war

Ready to fight.

Yeahhh we are ready.

We won't stop

Until we get what we want.

All geared up

Got our weapon

Now here we go

We're ready.

Yeahhh we are ready.

We won't stop

Until we get what we want.

All you soldiers

Come on now

Get your fighting faces on.

Yeahhh we are ready.

We won't stop

Until we get what we want.

Come on now you solider

Fight for your life

You  guys got this


Journal Entry 7:

When I was in camp and in war I saw a tons of illnesses. I'm just going to name a few because it's almost time for my to go to spy  practice.  One of the illnesses are illness Dysentery which is the deadliest sickness so far. Measles is also an illness that us spies and soldiers can get.  Those are a few out of many illnesses that spies and soldiers can get.

Journal Entry 8:

Sorry I haven't written in so long. I was celebrating because the war was over and my side won! When I got home it was a sigh of relief knowing that I'm ok , my husband is ok and that our girls were taken care of the past 2 years we were gone and boy have they changed since the last time I have seen them. I can also say that relatives were also happy to see us home and well. Now I am trying to get back into a mom mode and try to find a normal routine that works for my family.

Civil War Battle
Civil War House

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