Common wisdom is not common practice.

This quote stems from a lively conversation with my friend Nathan about UX Design. There is an abundance of wisdom that we can apply to UX design why is it so often overlooked? Cognitive Bias or deceptive simplicity?

I'd like to reverse the equation for my own UX practice, where common wisdom is common practice.

In fast paced environments we could create a habit taking moments to run through a
UX wisdom check list to avoid hard to reverse traps down the line. In the heat of the moment or under stress common wisdom goes out the window and next thing you are no longer practicing UX Design.

IDEA. Create a UX wisdom list for various UX design stages and categories. Cite the origins of the 'Common UX wisdom' so that practitioners can go deeper. Common wisdom should stand alone without the need for a set of principles to lean on.

Please post comments and your common wisdom below.

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