Address:10500 sea world Dr,san antonio TX:78251/hours:mon-fri closed opened:sat-sun 12:00-6:00/phone#210-523-3000 (Ja'Navia Duffie)          

The rides are the great white/steel Eel/rio loco/grovers roundup/and a journey to atlantis.

INFO:the animals are beluga/killer whales/dophins/sea lions/penguins/sharks/harbor seals/asian small-clawed otters and more.Tickets for single day cost adult:47.00 child:37.00/all day dining only for $31.99                                                                            (comfort suites near sea world 2-star hotel $169 address:8021 Alamo downs pkwl,san antonio,TX 78238 phone #(210-681-6000))

Directions from texas:Go to dallas or austin take 1-10 west,which be comes high way 90 west to high way 151 west. Exit at west over hills Blvd.Turn left at west over hills Blvd. west over hills Blvd will take you directly to sea world's entrance.   (If you are from any were else go to sea world world-san antonio/park-info/directions/?from=Top_Nav)

  1. The whales move in the water just like a jet in the sky.

Would you want your kids to go here?I would want them to.

What you can do at sea world:kids can go to shamus party zone or go on sunday to see rock and roll elmo, and more stuff you can do like ocean adventures,sea world express,a sesame street breakfast,sesame street bay of the play. Wild day is an immersive event that will connect the guess to the wild.Go see wild day.It might be more fun then u ever had with our family.

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