the truth behind it all
By:jordan carroll

People decorate and dress up and carve pumpkins they also try to scare people and then they give them candy for good sportsmanship. This holiday is a nationwide event.

Really halloween was created 2,000 yrs. ago by the Celtics so that they please their god Samhain( the god of death). Halloween happens at the end of the harvest that is how people can tell when halloween starts.

These are a few of the goodies that you might get on Halloween

You may want to stay after dark so remember to bring a flashlight or an other type of lighting and also bring an adult and some friends. All in all just have fun but stay safe while doing it.

The origin of halloween comes from all hallows eve which is on the 31st of october <3

The holiday is followed by All Saints Day and Day of the Dead.

Saints day is on the 1st of november and day of the dead is on the 2nd of november.

Fun Fact: Your never to old to trick or treat :)

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