"The Women In The Snow"
Inference Chart

I predict that the story is going to be About a child growing up and hearing ghost story as while as public it it.

     Grady did not really like black peoples because he only has a bus route for them.Grady was greedy and kick the women off the bus which of made the walk to the hospital and froze on her way." (260)

    when he read that it had been a record snowfall,His eyes were drawn to a small article about a colored women and child found frozen to death  on hall street.

      "You've really done it now,luck head".  (262)I chose this quote because I think he's going to die because he deserves what is napping to him be cause he treated a women like that.

          "about the bus fare no need for  you to make a special trip...back.consider it a gift" (266)Ray is showing his kindness to the colored women.he felt happy for help the women to get to the hospital.

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2 years ago

Tha, please separate each quote and inference. Look at my original Tackk for the example, or see me if you have questions.

2 years ago

Tha, your last two quotes are done correctly.