Sports Marketing 1

Liberty High School 2014-15

Course Overview

This course will help students develop a complete understanding of the marketing concepts and theories that apply to sports and entertainment events. The areas this course will cover include: basic marketing, target marketing, sponsorship, event marketing, promotions, sponsorship proposals, and sports marketing plans. This course will also uncover the components of promotion plans, sponsorship proposals, and the key elements needed in sports marketing plans.

Units of Study

1. Marketing Basics

2. The Marketing Mix

3. Sponsorships

4. Sports Marketing Pyramid

5. Marketing Plans


Communication: We will use email, text and Blackboard announcements to communicate. You will need to check your student gmail daily and be willing to provide a cell phone number should you choose to work any additional marketing events throughout the semester.

Professionalism: This course can provide many opportunities for a creative and fun environment. As future business professionals, it is expected that you will treat each other with respect and act responsibly at all times. We can definitely have fun but not at the expense of others feelings or at the risk of jeopardizing an opportunity for you to gain experience in the business world.

Personal Accountability: Take responsibility for your role on the team. Don’t let your teammates down by missing deadlines, being a no-show at events, or making other choices that put added pressure on your peers. You are constantly networking and everything you do (good and bad) leaves a lasting impression on your future reputation.

Late Work Policy

Any assignment not submitted on the due date will be recorded as a zero in Power School. Late work will be accepted on or before the last day of the unit for a maximum 60% of the total assignment grade. Once we have completed the unit project or test your grade will remain a zero in the grade book.

Grading Scale

Grades are based on the traditional scale:

90-100%= A

80-89% = B

70-79% = C

60-69% = D

59-0% = F

Grading rubrics will be provided for major projects. All unit tests will be accompanied by a study guide. Students and parents have immediate access to grades through PowerSchool. Students and/or parents may request grade updates via e-mail anytime during the semester at

Course Resources