Ebi Gruenblatt

by nykirria hodges

May 1,1927-April 1945

Ebi Gruenblatt was from Nyirmihalydi, Hungary and she was sixteen years old when the Nazi had captured her, and her family. Her parents name are Morris and Maegit Gruenblatt, Ebi was the youngest of four children, and her father owned a large rural  estate. After the Holocaust began,  In September 1944, Ebi and her mother were sent to Auschwitz. Ebi and her mother were forced to move heavy rocks from one place to the other. In the end of April Ebi, her mother, and other people had to get in cars. Germans planned to take them and murder them, but Allied soldier had came and saved them. Ebi was able to celebrate her eighteen birthday, also she was a survivor. Some people don't believe that the Holocaust had happened and taking  action against prejudice makes a difference.

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