Robotics Engineer

if you are a beginner you will make this much $23.74. if you are experience you make this much $72.53 an hour. i want to be a  Robotics Engineer. Reading comprehension – medium (Level 5),Active listening – medium (Level 4),Writing – medium (Level 4),Speaking – medium (Level 4),Mathematics – medium (Level 4),Science – medium (Level 3),Critical thinking – medium (Level 5),Active learning – medium (Level 4),Learning strategies – medium (Level 4),Monitoring – medium (Level 4).Reviews or approves designs, calculations, or cost estimates.Installs, calibrates, operates, or maintains robots.Supervises technologists, technicians, or other engineers.Processes or interprets signals or sensor data.Integrates robotics with peripherals, such as welders, controllers, or other equipment.Investigates mechanical failures or unexpected maintenance problems.Creates back-ups of robot programs or parameters. Designs automated robotic systems to increase production volume or precision in high-throughput operations, such as automated ribonucleic acid (RNA) analysis or sorting, moving, or stacking production materials. Analyzing and testing engineering plans,Creating engineering concepts,Directing an engineering design team,Investigating data to solve problems,Operating computers to record and analyze engineering data,Processing data on computers.