Creating a Photo Mosaic in Photoshop

10 Media Art

For this assignment you will be following the video tutorial below to learn how to create a photo mosaic using photoshop.

What is a photo mosaic?

It is a photo that basically consists of a single image, which in turn is made up of a number of smaller ones. If one looks at such an image from up close, one can pick out each of the separate photographs that form the overall photomosaic. From a distance, the original image — the one used as the basis for the photomosaic — is visible in its entirety.

You will be using copy right free images to do this.

Some sites to use are the following:

There are other web sites as well but you will need to do a search to find them. Use the words creative common images in your search.

Once your image is created place it in the dropbox in Haiku.

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