Ewing Sarcoma, Bone Cancer

About Ewing Sarcoma

The type of cancer that I am researching about is Ewing Sarcoma, a type of bone cancer.


The symptoms are swelling and soreness around the legs or arms, low fever that might seem to be caused by infection.

Possible Causes

the causes of this type of cancer is,a change happens from a cell that moves it to a gene called EWS on Chromosome No.22 next to DNA that turns on the gene.

Cancer Growth

It starts out as just a primitive cell outside the bone, when it occurs it's called extraossaeous Ewing Sarcoma.

Stages of Ewing Sarcoma

It starts out in tissues in stage 1. In stage 2 the Meta-statistic tumors spread to other organs. Then they spread, or metastasize throughout the body.


It can be treated with Chemotherapy to shrink the tumor.It is meant to kill the cancer cells that may have spread already, but aren't noticed. It can also be treated with surgery after several weeks or months have reduced the chemo down so surgery effects you better.

Survival Rates

The survival rates for Ewing Sarcoma,adults, is about, 60 to 70%. As for children, 20, 25% are cured from this disease.There is something to increase your survival rate.It's called remission. Remission means intensity of disease or pain, temporary recovery.

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