Experience the French Advantage

Top Reasons to Learn French

1. Career: Being bilingual in English and French gives you greater career choices. It will enable you to compete effectively in the global economy.  

2. International Relations/Diplomacy: U.S. maintains foreign missions in French-speaking countries around the world.

3. The U.N.O.:  French is a prominent language among United Nations agencies around the world.

4. Traveling: Travel to France and francophone countries with ease of mind knowing you can communicate with your hosts in their native language.

5. Penpals: French widens your connections across the globe.

6. The Internet: French is a major language of the Internet.

7. Academic advantage: One-third of English vocabulary was derived from French. Students with the French advantage score higher in SAT English.  

8. Enjoy French literature and movies in their original language.

9. Exposure to great thinkers that shaped history like Montaigne, Rousseau, Hugo, etc.

10. Exposure to world cultures:

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