Feeling on wheels


Longboarding and Rollerblading are two similar sports because they make use of wheels, but each of them offers different sensations. For instance, longboarding is very similar with surfing in warm countries and snowboarding, in countries which have snow, and the same happens with rollerblades. However, the similar sports with rollerblading are skiing and skating. Thus, in the summer athletes can practice longboarding and rollerblading to replace those sports available only in the winter. Notably, there are some differences between longboard and rollerblade. The three differentiating aspects between these two sports are price, speed and safety.

If you are deciding to start practicing longboarding or rollerblading, obviously you will spend some time looking at a very relevant aspect before making a decision: prices. Basically, in longboarding, you will have to change wheels after getting it inappropriate to use. Also, the board is kind of easy to break down into two pieces or some small pieces of the board can disintegrate from it while you are doing maneuvers. On the other hand, rollerblades are usually less expensive and it is harder to break and even after a long time of use. The only part that the rollerblader has to change is wheels.

Another very important difference is the reached speed in each of the practices because it is obvious that you want to get the maximum speed. However, do not get excited too fast and rush the process of learning how to move on the wheels. It is essential to get started slowly at first, and then progressively increase the speed until you can move more rapidly. In longboarding, you can reach a high speed in a shorter time, but its biggest speed record registered is 130 km/h. More than that, on rollerblades, athletes of this modality have reached the speed of 148 km/h.

By practicing these sports, you have to use the same safety equipment that are helmet, closed shoes, gloves, chin guard, knee pads and wrist guards. At high speeds, longboards have less stability. But as I have been practicing both sports, personally, I think that longboard is safer because when you lose the balance, is easier to get it back. On rollerblades, your feet have to fit in it and you cannot jump from the wheels if you lose the equilibrium because the wheels are tied to your feet and it is difficult to get the balance back if you lose it so the only refuge for you is the ground.

These two radical and inviting sports require certain patience to get good on it. Don't get frustrated if you fail at first. Try to relax, take deep breaths, and focus. That is the secret. Remember, if you get good on it, you will be able to learn more easily other sensational sports such as: snowboarding and surfing associated with longboarding or skiing and skating for rollerblading. Nevertheless, using always the safety equipment because it is necessary to avoid serious injuries, and then you can enjoy the feeling of riding on wheels with the wind touching your face.