Non-Traditional Careers

Non-Traditional careers can be a very good thing but people can also feel uncomfortable about it too. Men and women can both do things that wasn't thought of them to do. Many people are now starting to do jobs that the opposite gender was doing.

This is good because it can help bring grades up. This can also show responsibility for some people. For example men taking care of toddlers, or women welding. Different jobs can help people with different classes that they are taking.

Some people could also feel uncomfortable about a gender doing the opposite job, for example: babysitting. Some of the parents don't want men to take care of their children because they might feel unsure about the men. Some of the parents might think they won't know what to do when it come to something like changing the diaper or a temper tantrum. This could be helpful to men though and give them a learning experience.

Some adults or teens might do something that's supposed to be for the opposite gender because they might have a lot of interest in that one thing, it could be something their doing to help their grades. They could also be more talented in this one job than any other.

Not just boys can do work, but girls also. Women are often underestimated on their strength, what they can do, lift things, pro sports, etc. I don't think this is fair because some girls can do things better or just as good as men. Some women are very talented and can do a wide variety of things that men can do too. Some women are better or more interested in getting dirty, or doing something that a man would do.

Men can also do a women's job, they can give health treatment, teach children, book keeping, translators, secretaries, multiple types of clerks, and many more. Men have interest in care taking and tending to people. This is not just a women's job. Some men/ a lot of men can do it better than some girls. Everybody has different interest and opinions which i believe is okay as long as they are good and they are doing what they do best. I wouldn't want some female doctor or operator working on me if they are not good, but that was the only option. It is better for someone to know what they are doing no matter what the gender is.