My Hero

Beyonce Knowles

"My Hero" Computer Science Project Website
Crossroads Accelerated Academy at Meade
(School District of Philadelphia)
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Chanel Bourne

This Female is my hero because she is so successful. Beyonce came up as a female artist who had a dream. She make young girls believe in there selves. Young girls today love Beyonce because her self-confidence. When I think of her name it give me life, I also cherish her music and her personality. Beyonce really didn't have any struggles but when her girl band Destiny Child collapsed she went Solo because she believed she can further her career and she went on with it by herself. When she went Solo she was under her own label. She was hated because the group broke up, but she did not let that bring her down.

Why She's My Hero

Beyonce is my hero because she is a black female that had goals and still have them that wont let anyone stand in her way. Beyonce is not perfect but she try to do things correct. She have the beauty and potential to try to a good women and mother. She started her career, got married and then had a baby, The perfect way for a women to start her life. When she sing pretty hurts she's saying it hurts but your pretty inside and out dont let anyone tell you your not be Confident and Embrace your beauty.

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