Bunny inside an egg

materials:one egg,white glue,pink yellow and green poster paints,paintbrush,black fine line felt tip marker,2 slices of white bread with the crust removed(day-old bread works best),12' square piece of aluminum foil(to mix clay on)


1.Prepare the eggshell into which the bunny will be placed by blowing out the contents of the egg and cleaning.

2.Hold the eggshell and gently chip into it until you have made a hole large enough for the bunny to fit into.Almost half the eggshell will be left.

3.To make the clay out of which the bunny will be formed, place the aluminum on your working surface and break up one slice of the bread into crumbs.

4.Add 1 1/2 teaspoons of white glue and mix with the breadcrumbs, adding as many drops of water as are needed to make the  mixture feel like clay.

5.When the clay has been made, form it into a lump.Wash your hands before continuing work.

6.To make the bunny, first make a large ball from the clay for the body, then a slightly smaller one for the head, and two smaller ones for 'arms'.Take two small strips of clay for the ears.

7.Attach the head to the body by adding a tiny drop of water;repeat for the 'arms'.

8.Shape the two strips of clay that are to be the ears and attach them to the head with a drop of water.

9.After the bunny has been completed, gently curved the bottom so that it will fit easily into the eggshell.Test the fit by trying to place the bunny in the shell-you may have to adjust an ear or break away more shell to fit him properly.Once you are sure that the fit is okay, remove the bunny to dry.It may take one to two days for the clay to dry.

10.Before painting, make sure that the bunny has completely dried.Paint the bunny yellow.Make two eyes with the black marker.Use the pink paint to give the bunny a nose and to color the inside of the ears.

11.when the paint has dried, glue the bunny into the egg.

12.To make a base for the egg, take the slice of bread and repeat the same procedure you did in steps 3 and 4 to make the clay for the bunny.

13.From the clay, form a little mound on which the egg is going to rest.

14.Gently press the eggshell into the mound to form a curve that will fit the egg exactly.Remove the egg to allow the base to dry.After the base has thoroughly dried, glue the egg to it.

15.Paint the base green.You can also paint some pink and yellow flowers along the bottom.

                                                             JELLYBEAN SACKS

materials:1/4 yard unbleached muslin(this should make 4 sacks), 1 yard of 1/2' red ribbon, pencil, ruler, scissors, tracing paper, carbon paper, tape, white glue, black fine line felt tip marker, colored markers,jellybeans.

method:For each jellybean sack, cut a piece of muslin 4' wide by 8' long.Fold the muslin in half along the 8' side so that you have a 4' square.The top edge, opposite the folded edge, is to be left open.

2.To form the sack, open up the muslin again and put a small amount of glue along each of the outside edges.Close again to secure the sack.

3.choose the designs you want to make and trace them onto the tracing paper.

4.Place a piece of carbon paper on the sack and tape it gently.Now tape the traced design on top of the carbon paper.

5.Draw over the design firmly with a pencil.Remove the tracing paper and carbon paper.Now draw over the outline of the design with the black fine line marker.Color in the rest of the design as you like.

6.Cut an 8' piece of ribbon for each of the sacks.Fill each sack up with jellybeans to about an inch from the top.Tie the sack with the ribbon and make a bow.Repeat this for each of the designs given.


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