Ancient Egypt

Luke Parrish


Egypt is in Asia it is a small area but large things happened. Egypt has North and South ends but they act together. But the north side is actually farther south and south is northern. They named it north because the river flowed from south to north. It was called the Nile, people lived and survived off this river. Water and food was produced and the flooding made land fertile for crops. This area is all desert and is hard to attack because no one wants to cross the desert. There are also sand storms there to protect them.

Food Source

The Egyptians eat lots of bread that they bake in an in ground oven. They get wheat and barley are important for survival. They sometimes have fish and other sushi fish.

Social Structure

The king is at the very top of the social structure peasants are at the bottom. The scribes are near the top and government officals are too. Then the artisans are next they are at the middle of it. Finally the peasants are the lowest.

The Arts

The arts are very important to the Egyptians they kept people occupied. The arts are very celebrated masters that can put themselves in pictures. Artisans make paintings, statues,and sculptures. They color walls inside tombs of pharaohs. They are a very important part of Egyptian life.


There were many pharaohs. Hatshepsut was a pharaoh that was a wife. She wasn't supposed to be pharaoh but her husband Thutmose II had died so she had to be. She built many monuments and statues.

Khufu built the pyramids of Giza.

Sensurut hated and did bad things to Anubis [an area].

Ramses the II Referred to as the greatest pharaoh ever. He led several military battles and was an amazing leader.

Advances in Technology

The Egyptians were the first to make paper. It was made out of papyrus a plant. The plant is grown in desert areas. They rip and dry and place together over and over. Mummification is a new thing they created to preserve the body.

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