Given their backgrounds, how believable are the characters' behaviors?

Psychological Analysis Visual Representation, Mrs. Habtemariam, 11/14/13

OTK Situtaton 1:
Oedipus was very arrogant.

OTK Situation 2:
Laius had a troubled past.

Meinke was from a troubled family.

Media 1:
this relates to Oedipus being arrogant because the little boy in problem child, Junior, only cares about himself and not how his actions affect others. He also feels like no one loves him and that no one ever will, because he has been in an orphanage most of his life.

Media 2:
This relates to Laius having a troubled past because Precious had a troubled past and still does have trouble in her present life, she became pregnant from her own father by force and her mother blames her for that, as if she wanted it to happen to her. She has been treated like dirt most of her life and her past is keeping her from succeeding.

Media 3:
Eminem's song "Cleaning Out My Closet" relates to Meinke from Scars coming from a troubled family, because Eminem also came from a troubled family, his mother was a pill popping drunk and his dad was never around. Eminem dealt with heartbreak and abandonment from his mother. This made him feel like he wasn't worth anything, causing him to become depressed and a drug user, which he expressed in his music.

To answer the Psychological Approach question, yes each one of the character's behaviors are believable due to their life experiences. Each individual has had an issue or multiple issues that has made them be forced with difficult challenges within their lives. they have been through a lot in life and certain things were out of their control. Dealing with mental issues could create a lot of problems within ones self.

By: Erica Horsey

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