Muslim Empire

Religion and Technology

The Muslim Empire spread out of India east to Mecca west across North Africa and into spain. The Muslims spread the reliogion of Islam by way of miltary conquest. Though the places they conquered they did not force Islam upon them. The Muslim people were very tolerant of other religions. It only took the Muslim Empire aproximatley 100 years to expand their entire empire. The Muslim Empire was made up of great fighters that believed in the Jihad. The Muslims stopped expanding after the Battle of Tours against France in 732 A.D. The french christian side was run by Charles "The Hammer" Martel

The Muslim Empire Contributed alot alot to our society. In Mathematics the Muslim Empire gave us Algebra and Trigonmometry. In Astronomy the Muslim Empire gave us Astronomy Tables. From medicine b the Muslim Empire gave us Hospitals, Medical textbooks, and A test to become a Doctor. They gave us basic law. They gave us architecture. The Muslim Empire also gave us the use of money, a banking system and the first credit system.

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