The Fault in Our Stars


  • Hazel Grace: Is the protagonist of this book. 16 year old girl that was diagnosed with Thyroids, lung cancer.
  • Augustus Waters: 17 year old boy who had Osteosarcoma, which caused him to loose a leg.
  • *Isaac: Augustus Waters's best friend. Has cancer in his eyes.
  • *Monica: Isaac's girlfriend
  • *Mrs.Lancaster: Hazels mom
  • *Mr.Waters: Augustus's dad
  • *Kaitlyn: Hazels best friend


*Indianapolis, Indiana, USA


Character vs. Self

  • The most evident problem is cancer. Hazel is constantly fighting with herself (her body). She is in a constant dilemma with herself because of her cancer. Her cancer causes her to be anitsocial and have deppression. Hazel vs. Hazel

Character vs. Society

  • Hazel has problems when she goes out to places. She quotes saying "Any attempts to feign normal social interactions were just depressing because it was so glaringly obvious that everyone I spoke to for the rest of my life would probably feel awkward and self conscious around me.." That shows that society will always be self conscious and judging of her. Hazel vs. Society

Character vs. Character

  • There are a couple of situations that show this type of conflict. When Hazel didn't want to go to support group but her mom forced her to. Hazel  vs. Mom
  • Monica breaks up with Isaac. Monica vs. Isaac


Sixteen year old Hazel Grace suffers with cancer. She has water in her lungs that prevents her from breathing normally. Philip is her oxygen tank we she has to burden with. Her mother forces her to go to support group. During one of her meetings she meets Augustus Waters. They start talking and soon they begin to like each other. They trade books and share a mutual frustration for An Imperial Affliction. Which brings them to sharing a "wish" to meet Peter Van Houten.


  • Pain

Pain is one of the themes because its all throughout the chapters. Their cancer causes them pain Isaacs break up with Monica, Brings alot of pain to him. The thought of death brings pain to the families.

  • Fate

Fate caused Hazel, Augustus, and Isaac to have cancer. Was it fate that made them meet? Do we have a say in our lives, or has fate chose it for us?  The title, The Fault in Our Stars, came from a quote. "Men at some time are mastersof their fates; The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings."

  • Cancer

The whole book has cancer.


  • There talking about how great it would be to go to Armstead.


  • Cigarette

"You put the killing thing right between your teeth, but you don't give it the power to do its killing" was the quote with which Augustus introduced us to the cigarette. The cigarette is his way of laughing at life, or cancer itself. Cigarettes cause people to die, yet he isn't dieing.


  • Text to Self

I can realte my thoughts to this book. This is because many time I have wondered if my life is already planned. Do I have a say in my life? This is also what some characters in the book wonder.

  • Text to Text

Throughout the book you can see connections with Shakespeare. The title comes from a Shakespeare quote. Throughout the story you can see similarities to Romeo and Juliet.

  • Text to World

There are many poeple in the world who suffer from cancer. They might try to have a regular life; but just like Hazel they will feel excluded. We should look at them as regular people.

"Golden Lines"


^^ Favorite quote

*Quotes from the book

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3 years ago

¨I fear oblivion¨

3 years ago

"You probably say that to all the boys that finance your international travel"

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"I bought those kids time" or whatever the quote is

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We have the same quote!!!

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¨I'm on a roller coaster that only goes up, my friend¨- Augustus

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"Not your fault, Hazel Grace. We're all just side effects, right"-Augustus

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"I fear oblivion"

3 years ago

"I lit up like a Christmas Tree, Hazel Grace."

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"They don't hurt you unless you light 'em."