Eligibility for Unemployment insurance

A. Unemployed,

B. Physically and mentally able to perform suitable work,

C. Available for suitable work,

D. Making a reasonable effort to find work,

E. Free of participation or direct interest in a labor dispute, and

F. Free of disqualification

Steps to file unemployment insurance

Step 1:Accurately Report the Reason You Are Unemployed. Accurately report your reason for separation from your job when you initially file your claim for benefits.

Step 2:Report Any Wages You Are Earning. You must report your gross wages for each week you work. Report on all earnings - including part-time or temporary work.

Step 3:Be Available for Work. In order to collect benefits, you must continually verify that you are able, available and willing to accept suitable work.

Step 4:Actively Search for Work.

Step 5: Develop an Effective Work Search Plan.

Step 6:Avoid Errors and Ensure Proper Payment of Benefits.

Step 7:Don't Delay - As Soon As You Begin Working Again, Report Your Return to Work.

Step 8:Follow the Rules to Prevent Yourself from Committing Fraud.

Step 9:Know Your Responsibilities and Ask for Help.

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