Colorful buildings in Barcelonete


In October 2014 I visited a friend in Barcelona for a few days. Staying in the small area of Barceloneta, we could walk to the beach about five minutes in one direction or the Gothic Quarter about ten minutes away in the other - perfect! Traditionally a fishing neighborhood, Barceloneta still had a communal feel with locals drinking vermouth at little cafes and laundry hung up to dry outside of windows.

The beach in Barceloneta, less than five minutes away from my friend's house.
The view from my friend's flat.

The Gothic Quarter

I actually didn't see too much of the city during my stay - instead we wandered the little streets around my friend's neighborhood and the nearby Gothic Quarter stopping to look at things that interested us and eating and drinking along the way.

I loved the narrow, little streets different from home!
An outdoor sculpture in the Gothic Quarter representing the Catalan human towers


Didn't actually see or do much in Barcelona, but had a great's funny how your priorities can change after traveling for a while. Instead of running around town trying to fit in everything I just enjoyed myself spending quality time with a good friend - which makes for a good weekend wherever you are!

My three days in Barcelona flew by and before I knew it I was racing to the train to head to the airport...I know I want to go back and spend more time in the city! Though we didn't do many activities I still managed to get some good pictures and shared some on Instagram.

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