Algernon Debate: Pro or Con?

Debate and Research Requirements

You and a partner will choose PRO or CON.

Pick a ROLE.  Each partner will be responsible for completing their ROLE requirements, and both partners will be responsible for the overall final project.

ROLE 1: Researcher

This partner looks for CREDIBLE additional sources, as well as pulling quality quotes that effectively support your side.   They must create a Google Doc to keep track of all quotes used  - w/citations using Google Research.  EXAMPLE

ROLE 2: Creator

This partner should be strong in using technology and creating ways of sharing information.  They will be responsible for creating the BEST possible visual format and picking the best program to showcase your side.


Must create, share and present a visually interesting project that effectively convinces the audience that YOUR side (yes/pro or no/con) is correct using CREDIBLE sources and direct quotes in combination with a strong argument and two main points.


Should science be used to alter peoples’ brain function/intelligence through drugs, therapy, etc.?

Pro - Yes

Con - No

Your project should have TWO main points that support your side, with quotes from sources to support.

Main point example:  

Science should NOT be used to alter peoples' brain function through drugs or operations because... (fill in the rest and give a strong reason)

Possible Sources:

Level 3 - Use ONE additional source that you find using Google Research that is credible (.org/.edu/.gov). You CANNOT use Wikipedia.  Use at least ONE direct quote.

Level 4 - Use TWO or MORE additional resources that you find using Google Research that are credible. NO Wikipedia.  Use at least TWO direct quotes.

Present your findings in a SHORT (2-3 minute) presentation using some kind of visual with any program you choose - but NO GOOGLE PRESENTATIONS/PREZI/POWERPOINT.  

You must CITE and give a citation (not just a LINK) for each source you use using Google Research.  Use the "Cite" tool and make a Google Doc that contains all the quotes and citations you use:  EXAMPLE.  This must be LINKED to your final project.

Make sure that your final presentation:

  1. Is easy to follow
  2. Has TWO main points (Science should or should not be used because...)
  3. Has visuals and media to make it interesting
  4. isn't just text copied and pasted
  5. has original and creative opinions and ideas BACKED UP with strong quotes from your sources
  6. cites your sources somewhere in the presentation and LINK to a Google Doc w/quotes used and citations.  EXAMPLE

Due Dates:

Monday- Thursday February 2-5th:  Research time and gather information, Create project.

Friday, February 6th: Present and Share in small groups/Debate!

Possible programs to use:

Choose whatever program you'd like, but make sure it:

* EFFECTIVELY shows your information

* is INTERESTING and INTERACTIVE for your audience

* has MEDIA (video, audio, pics) and is RELEVANT to the topic.