The Immune System


Resistant to a particular infection or toxin owing to the presence of specific antibodies or sensitized white blood cells.

                                           Major Function of the Immune System
The 3 major functions are Protection from pathogens , Removal of dead cells and ,
Removal of abnormal cells.

                                            Interaction of the Immune System
The immune system is like a small police force that constantly patrols every organ and tissue in your body. It works closely with the circulatory system for transportation needs and the lymphatic system for production of lymphocytes.

                                               Diseases of the Immune System
Rheumatoid Arthritis , Multiple Sclerosis , Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus , Inflammatory Bowel Diseases , Systemic Lupus Erythematosus , Psoriasis , Scleroderma, and , Autoimmune Thyroid Diseases.

                                              Fun Facts of the Immune System
Too little sleep will affect your immune system
Chicken soup really is good for you when you are sick
Being too clean can hinder your immune system
Working out makes you more susceptible to infection
Autoimmune disease affects more women, than it does men

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