Welcome to Niger

Colorful Clothing

Modest appearance means to cover up your whole body except, your face or eyes. Man wear Boubous which are a long robe that is over drawstring pants.Women wear a pagne which is a colorful wraparound skirt they wear a blouse and a headscarf with the pagne.

Fantastic Flag

The flag is orange,white,and green.It has a orange circle in the middle.

Fasinating Food

One of the main dishes is Tabshe. Some of the ingredients in Tabshe are, beef,tomato paste,and spinach. A side dish is Mango Salad.Some of the ingredients in Mango Salad are,mangos,strawberries,and pineapple.I think both of them in the same meal would be good.They eat in bowls,and they eat with their right hand or with a spoon.

Special  Holidays

They celebrate the New Year. On New Years Eve some people stay home or go to see family.

Arts of dance

People do a dance called the Tam-Tam in which men drum and women dance.Everyone that watches can put money on the woman's head,and all of the money that falls from their heads go to the men that are drumming.Sometimes the men dance and the women drum.


The official language is french.There are a lot more languages in Niger.A small percent of Niger speak different languages.

Government and economy

All most all of Niger is covered in desert.Niger is three times as large as California.

Country’s historical background

The head of state has a five year term to be head of state. Women can vote if she wants to.

Housing and Transportation

There are three types of houses, Tents, Clay,and Huts.

School and Education

Less than half of the children Niger go to school.Some girls go to school.They meanley teach French.





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