Kiss Proof Lipstick

Just released by Hazel Bishop Inc.

The Hazel Bishop Inc. is going to be releasing a kiss proof lipstick! It is a new type of lipstick that it supposed to stay on all day and wont smear off. It is coming out in 1950! This product was put into stores at Lord & Taylor for $1 a tube and completely sold out in just one day! Hazel Bishop is a chemist and has worked on this product in her kitchen also known as her laboratory. It was put on market by Alfred Berg. Alfred was trying to bring back the first kiss proof lipstick made in 1920 by a French chemist but Hazel convinced him to pick hers and he made the right choice because this product is going to be a hit! The lipstick is advertised as, "Never again need you embarrassed by smearing friends, children, relatives, husband, sweetheart." And also pointing out that older formulations tended to leave greasy marks on glasses, cigarettes and teeth, and the new brand did not have to be applied several times a day. Hazel Bishop once worked with Dr. A.B. Cannon as an assistant. She says that he inspired her to make this product and taught her many of the thing she knows today. He is the inventor of the cosmetic company called Almay that was very successful. This has been one of the biggest innovations made to lipstick and is a great product! This product will do great!

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