Daniels holidays


On the holidays i had a lot of fun with my dogs doing tricks and stuff.  we went to the caben and had a good time we did a swim in the pool and walks for 9 days on 1 day we went to the Market and some friends came over and we had christmas and that was FUN!!! And New Year's Eve was cool. My   dad came  over  and took us to the movies and we sore wreck it  Ralph  it was a good movie and then we went to the plazer and  got some Lego and had    McDonalds.

The next day we went  to to movies and  sore  life of pl  it was a good  Then we went to the plazer and  mum got her watch  fixed the we had some drinks. The next day James and I got a phone and we had to go to the dentist to have a look at James and my teeth.

Dad had to do something mum James and me went to have a look around the museum for  half a hour then I bort a fossil and two cristals 1 for James and 1 for dad then dad came back and we went back in the museum and dad came in  and my fav exhibit  in the museum was the dinosaur  exhibit  the we had lunch in the museum then  we looked at all the other exhibits my  second fav was the rain forest exhibit. Then we went to dads cabin and played ball games for the day and had a ice crem then dad made dinner and James and I had  a run all over the filed  then mum James and I went home. The next day we went bowling and did bumper cars and balladem golf was fun and mum did not play so dad came 1s i came 2sec and james came 3ed in bowling and in balladem i won 5 games and i had fun on the bumper cars.The next day we went to  The next day we went to dads and bilt Lego and played ball games for the rest of the day and dad tort  me how to mack a hot sorce.

The next day we went for a swim at the beach  with dad we had a lot of fun in the water and then we had a ice cream. For the next 4 day we went to dads and played ball games.  

The next day dad had to go back to Perth.  

Then we went to vacastion care and sore pranorman it was a good movie.

I had a  amazing time on the holidays.

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