Shontai Fleming  
                            My Hero

My hero is mom my mom name is Shontai Fleming she is my hero because as a child she had got abuse by her mom and dad was running for house to house and was on the streets. When she was at high school at the age of 16 she met my dad is name is Robert Davis and they went to Benjamin Franklin high school of philadelphia towards the end of the year my mom had got pregant with me and she had me a little early.

On  September 16 1999 i was born and she still was moving from house to house so she knew that the order for me to grow up and not to be in homes she will have to get herself together. So when she had drop out of ben she had to wait to the next year to get back in school because i was a baby and she had to take care of me . So the next year had came and she go back inside school but she was not in Benjamin Franklin no more she had went to William Penn high school and later go her GED and when she was a freshmen inside college she had my little brother Imir Fleming had she was till going to college the college she went to was Millersville University of Pennsylvania. and she was in the college for 2 years cause had to leave because we had move to delaware and she could't travel back and forth because she had to take me and my little brother.

So when we got older we got inside school and had move back to philadelphia, she went back to school at Community college of philadelphia. and later got a job and as a UPS Driver. she was working there for 3 years and had a never baby but they was twins girls. But my mom is my hero because she was out of school for a long time lost all her education because she got pregant with me and was moving from house to house and that what i was doing moving from house to house and was out of school for a long time. Now im inside of a school in my right grade and bout to go to tenth and become a heart surgeon when i get older.

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