Hello, My name is Trinity!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love playing basketball! That's a picture of me a while ago. I'm  #10 and this is my first season of playing AAU (select basketball). For Texas Express 2019 Sepulveda.

As you can see, I'm pretty aggressive when it come to defense in basketball. Once my hair was long enough I pulled it back into piggy tails to make myself look weak and innocent. That was the decoy, even though I was the youngest on the court I was very physical and tough so everyone thought I was the same age.

This was me during fall season for Texas express playing up with 2019 Sepulveda. I'm #10 as usual trying to trap the girl with my fellow team mate Hannah.

As of about three weeks ago me and my 8th grade friend Hannah made a hard working basketball team call Texas Elite. we work our butts off at practice and we play like me mean it!

This is my uncle, he is the Special assistant coach for Texas A&M's men's basketball team. He used to work for Birmingham Southern College division 3 team and I guess is the reason I fell in love with playing basketball.    

This is Blake McDonald, he is the reason why my number is 10. he played guard at the time he was at A&M and is the first player I ever met at A&M. He was a big help to the team. Him and I aren't that much different when I think about it.