Iroquois Tribe

By: Daisy Martinez

The Iroquois consisted of five tribes prior to European colonization.

To the northeast of the mississippian culture (North America) were the Iroquois.

Men were the ones who hunted for food and were also warriors who protected the community.

Women owned the dwellings, cooked, and took care of the children.

The Iroquois were a mix of farmers, fishers, gatherers and hunters.

They ate mainly corn, beans, and squash which they would farm.

They made the corn into flat bread like tacos or tortillas, or into pudding by boiling it in water like oatmeal.

One of the tools/weapons that men would use for hunting was a bow & arrow.

Another weapon and tool they used was the spear, it was useful for hunting their food and for warfare.

War clubs were assymetrical, often curved wooden clubs with the handle and heavy round head both carved from a single piece of wood.

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