Aquae Sulis, Optimus Locus Ir!

Or; "The Best Place To Go"

Salve! Welcome to our wonderful bath complex in Aquae Sulis! We hope you thoroughly enjoy your visit here.

Here we can see an arial view of the complex.

Salve! Aquae Sulis est locus relaxare et sanare.

balneum erat socialis locus

sacram aqua sanat.

caput Sulis Minerva est in templo iuxta balneum.

sub caldarium

pecuniam aqua

subvertant maledicta ad aquam

stagnum est I.VI m profun

cataracta venit ex ver

fistula plumo portat aquam

Welcome to Aquae Sulis! We are so happy you have decided to come visit our wonderful city. We have some suggestions for how to spend your lovely weekend here. First, finding a hotel might be a little tricky, because this town is just so popular to visit! We suggest staying with a friend or one of the local businessmen, they will be more than happy to rent you a room for a moderate price! Next, the key to any good vacation is finding the perfect restaurant. We would advise you go to Sapidum Cibus, Mane Prandium, Velox Esca, and Rosea Sus. All of these restaurants serve a variety of foods so delicious they make your taste buds dance! A highlight of our beautiful city is our luxurious bath complex, the Aquae Sulis, for which our town was named! Here lies a plethora of relaxing baths, hot, cold, and one even contains healing qualities! Next to the baths is a temple dedicated to the goddess Sulis Minerva, and this temple is a quiet place of peace, serenity, and worship. Many a traveller has thrown in a trinket to two into the baths in the hopes that Sulis Minerva will grant their prayers, and some even throw in curses to their enemies! These baths are a hotspot for social gatherings, soothing afternoons, and maybe a spiritual outing. Our peaceful town encourages you to stay as long as you like, and even consider moving to our humble town!

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