The Hindenburg.

By: Andrew Yock 5th hour English.

The world's most successful builder of Lighter - than - air airship Count Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin began construction in 1931 in 1936 the Hindenburg was finished at 803.8 feet long weighting 242 tons and with  four 16 cylinder diesel engines putting out about 1,300 horse power for taking off and capable for cruising 850 miles per hour. The Hindenburg was constructed out of a light and sturdy alloy known as duralumin, they fireproofed the 16 gas cells so there wasn't a chance of permeating Hydrogen gas. The Hindenburg was comfy and roomy there were two decks. Upper Deck  was the lounge where it was roomy and comfy it even had a baby grand piano. The passengers cabins were like ones on a train with only a thin layer of fabric and foam. Toilets and one show could be found on the Lower deck . On the Lower deck was the kitchen and it had a smokers room a air tight locked door which allowed people to lounge in there and smoke during the day or night. May 6th, 1937  the Hindenburg was attempting to land in Lakehurst New Jersey when disaster struck the Hindenburg there was a small fire on the fabric on the back of the Hindenburg within 34 seconds it was engulfed by flames passengers had only seconds to react some jumped out windows while in the air and some while they were closer to the ground some were even rescued from the fire about 35 out of the 97 plus one ground crew member died in the Hindenburg crash.