American Business

By: Jesus Rios

In my research paper I wrote about Outsourcing and how it affected the Global Economy alongside the American Economy. I found that Outsourcing had many benefit's for businesses and governments but there were also many negative factors against businesses and governments. My graduation product is me in some type of commercial/proposal to companies convincing them to bring jobs back to the United States the video is about 6-7min. long. In the video I try to persuade them to bring their jobs to the United States and show them the positive views that can benefit their companies and the U.S.

When I recorded I had to have this recording me to get me in the green screen.

The video really helped me learn more about presentations with future business proposals, presentations, and projects that I will have to make after I graduate. This video took me several hours to record and even more to edit but overall I believe that I did a decent job for being a first time user to imovie.

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