Teamfortress 2

created by valve

team fortress 2 is a very enjoyable game

sure it has violence and a little bad words but it has a comedic more very enjoyable side tons of weapons and taunts are in the game .

    There are 9 classes which are explained below

first is the scout he's a kid from Boston who is the fastest one in the game and has a thing for baseball and won't fear to get in your face and knock out your lights

equipped with a scatter gun, pistol, and a bat

2nd is the soldier

  a war enthusiast would cares for nothing more than pretty much war

He is all hardcore american and is a little crazy and also has the ability to do a rocket jump. he is equipped a rocket launcher, shotgun, shovel

next is the pyro

the pyro is a mystery nobody knows if he/she is a real human or not

anyway the pyro is the biggest damage dealer in the game besides the engineer at close range but has long range options

equipped with flame thrower, shotgun, fire axe

next is the Demoman

the demoman is a very long range class but can be very good at close range

he's from Scotland and can get drunk sometimes

demonight is when you have a shield, sword , and anything

next is the heavy the heavy is the biggest and slowest class in the game

he is the third best damage dealer in the game

equipped with minigun, shotgun , fists

the engineer is the highest damage out put in the game

he has the ability to build sentries to defend areas or build dispensers to heal his team

uses metal to build

equipped with a shotgun, pistol, wrench, construction pda

altho having his medical license taken he still knows how to heal

his special feature is the ubercharge making you invincible to any damage dealer

equipped with medi gun, syringe gun, bonesaw

the sniper is a very ranged class

headshot can charge to deal more than 150 damage

up to 450 can be dealt at a charged shot

equipped with a sniper rifle, smg, kukri/machete

now our last class the spy

the most dangerous class in the game the spy can one shot any one with a backstab

te spy can turn invisible and disguise as the enemy team to get around them

Tf2 is a free game on steam

as said there are more things to find like new weapons and gameplay options

                                             THANKS FOR READING