Mobile Apps For High school Students

By Duncan McArthur


Magisto is an app available for iPhone that allows users to make a movie with photos, videos, and music that the user has. The user selects the photos and/or videos that they wish to include, then select a theme, and then add music. Magisto's advanced software handles the rest, and before you know it, you have a movie!


Bitstrips is an application that allows users to make a one panel commic in color about almost anything the user can think of, from mundane everyday activities to something totally ridiculous. It's a fun way to share opinions and ideas and could be used in certain projects.


GamePress is an app that allows the user to make their own game with no programming or graphic design experience. It is sadly only available for the iPad,


Getting to know new people can be pretty awkward, since you know nothing about them! With this app, you hold in your hand hundreds of different ways to break that ice, from the silly to the more daring questions. Great for getting a new class to loosen up, or for groups to get to know each other.


VoiceThread is a blogging service that allows users to make a voice recording of themselves and to post that recording on a blog. This app is great for getting students to share ideas in a way that may allow them to open up more, especially the shy ones.

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