narrative 4

D block theatre Danny O'Connell


when teaching a theatre class stanislavskism (i have added that to my computers dictionary ) i would start by asking each of them to fill out a few questions at this point they would immediately regret signing up for my class saying "what a test on the first day?" to which i say "tough" this handout would ask the questions

  • give me two sentences to explain your life as a whole 2 marks
  • how is your day going and why 2 marks
  • what do you want from this class? 1 mark
  • what do you want from your life? 4 marks
  • what will you do to get that? 2 marks
  • why will that help you achieve your goal? 4 marks
  • give one example of hapiness and one of sadness from you life 2 marks
  • what does fear smell like? 3 marks

i would then inform them that they have just created there character they now have according to Stanislavsky all the ideas they need to be themselves. and that the mark scheme is there merely so that they wouldn't BS my assignment. i would then ask my students to mill and seethe as i hand out the papers at random then i would tell each student individually become your class mate and the rest of the students would guess who the character was supposed to be based solely on the stanislavskism (this probably wouldnt work very well on the first day they need to get to know each other a little before hand but oh well). after that exercise assuming we have double block i would have them mill and seethe and i would tell them an emotion that they would have to become using viewpoints and stanislavsky.