Sudhir Bajaj - Friendly Competition

Sudhir Bajaj says that he loves competition because it is the catalyst for change, inspiring people to push and challenge themselves so that we can progress collectively as humans on the whole. The result is a level of creativity and quality that is bar none. He says that he has always been competitive by nature, something that he demonstrated time and time again during grade and high school, as he was involved in many sports. If necessity is the mother of invention, then competition is the father. He says that it is amazing to see how every individual business reacts to another, countering their certain method or market scheme with something else.

Sudhir Bajaj loves the business world of finance and economy, its fast paced and highly competitive nature is a seamless fit for him, as someone who is very similar as an individual. Sudhir has a knowledge of his field as well as raw passion and enthusiasm for his job that is second to none in the industry, which is why he does so well. He says that this is similar to the Aesop fable where the crow drops stones into a bucket to get a drink of water. He says that without the spirit of competition, nothing would ever change or improve, and we would not have many of the intellectual, cultural, industrial, and artistic improvements that we take for granted today.

Improving through competition is Sudhir Bajaj's favorite aspect of the business world, and why he is so enamored with it. He says that competition is the spirit of capitalism, and allows everyone to move collectively towards something better, a higher goal. He loved participating in sports because of the many rivalries and friendly competitions. He is a professional in the business investment and marketing industry that has experienced much success in the field, thanks in part to his long term real world business experience.

Sudhir Bajaj - Don’t Get Burned Out

It is easy to take on your career with excitement and give it 100% all the time. It can also lead to burnout faster. While it is important to give your all at your job it is equally important to take breaks, vacations and time to stay healthy. If you’re seeing signs like your health is not all that great, you are always fatigued or you are not doing your job as well as you usually do, chances are you are feeling burned out and you haven’t had a proper work/life balance.

Sudhir Bajaj is one of those individuals that knows the importance and value of making time for oneself and taking breaks from the job. In the investment industry, for example, Sudhir relies on being able to relate to people to build relationships and trust, something that is easier to do if you share similar experiences with the individual or group. Spending time offline or on personal growth, not only helps him become better personally, but professionally as well, helping him to excel in his field. He says that the greatest university is the one of life, which is why many businesses prefer to have real world experience over a degree in a similar field, because nothing quite measures up to the actual thing.

Sudhir Bajaj believes that all life experiences are valuable to your profession. By simply focusing on other aspects of life and not just work, your professional skills will grow and become more valuable as well. He says that he does not do better than his peers in the field because he is simply more talented or intelligent, but because he is constantly working to achieve a better understanding of everything, not just his profession. He says that he is constantly trying to improve personally, expanding on an intellectual level in order to better understand the world around him. Sudhir understands that having proper balance will benefit your career in the long run and prevent you from burning out.