Caitlin Graham

I go to Girard High School and i'm a Freshman. My favorite color is purple. I have one sibling and his name is Jarred. I like to draw when i'm bored or just have time to draw. I love watching soccer and baseball. I've played soccer since I was 5 or 6, but i'm not playing this year. Soccer is my favorite sport to play and watch.

Three things about me.


I love to play soccer. All summer I played soccer pretty much every day. I'm not playing on a team this year but I still love playing with friends. It's my favorite sport. I also love watching it, I watched almost every game of the FIFA World Cup. And I still watch the Premier League games.


I like to draw. Whenever i'm bored or am not really doing anything I will draw. I draw a bunch of things, either in my agenda because i'm bored or on a piece of paper. I'm not the best at drawing but it's still fun to do sometimes!


I don't play any instruments but I love listening to music. I could listen to music all the time. I have so many favorite songs. I listen to music while I do homework, do any kind of work, play soccer, or just when ever I can.

My Goals

1. I want to lose weight and get fit. So i'm going to start to exercise almost every day and eat healthier food, so I can accomplish it.

2. I want to be on the 10th grade soccer team. That means I need to lose weight. But i'm also going to practice a lot, train, and work hard to get better at soccer.

3. I want to get almost all A's this year. I don't want to give up, not study, or not try hard. I might get a few B's at my subjects i'm not great at but I want to do better then I did in 8th grade.

I would love to go to...

I think it would be amazing to visit Europe. I want to see a live soccer game there since they're big into soccer. I would want to travel all of Europe. There is so much old historical stuff that would be cool to see. I've also had relatives go there that say amazing there.

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